Our endeavours


We work on University campuses across the United Kingdom hosting talks and discussions on Scruton’s ideas and philosophy as well as looking at current affairs using the Scrutonian method. Our work at universities is a tribute to Scruton’s desire to share his ideas with a new generation and ensure that his works endure along with those of the great thinkers who inspired him. Deepening public understanding of Western civilisation and its value will create an instinct to protect and preserve our shared inheritance at every level of society.


The Roger Scruton Centre seeks to bring philosophy into policy through our reports. We aim to improve policy by making information available to lawmakers and those who work in Westminster. By combining Scruton’s ideas with policy on trade, building development and education, we will raise the quality of legislation and regulation.

International Conferences

We host annual international conferences in the belief that Scruton’s ideas are not just applicable to Britain but to all nation states and their particular cultures. Scruton was dedicated to the freedom of the former communist occupied nations of eastern Europe as well as those such as Lebanon and Turkey. Promoting Scruton’s ideas across the world and sharing expertise in preserving our heritage is a tenet of building mutual ties of affection with our neighbours. It is through international cooperation not integration that the bonds of friendship between states flourish.